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Our in-house program, EDGE, eliminates the majority of payment processing fees. 

Your New Equipment

Your new equipment will arrive pre-programmed and ready to plug and play with the non-cash adjustment of 4%.

Continue accepting all major credit cards and EBT where applicable. 

Unlimited Flexibility

Anytime you decide you want to offer an individual credit card user the discounted for cash price, you'll have the option to waive the non-cash adjustment at checkout. 

Our Service Team

Our service team is here to help every step of the way - not that you'll need it!

Cash Discounting

Cash discounting is a payment processing option that is rapidly gaining popularity with businesses large and small across the nation.

It allows you to provide an incentive to cash buyers while eliminating almost all of your payment processing costs.

Branded Signage

We provide branded signage stating that your prices are discounted for cash payment and for customers who choose to pay with a credit card, a non-cash adjustment of 4% will be automatically added to the discounted for cash price. 

Non-cash Adjustment

The non-cash adjustment offsets your processing fees.


Spearhead Merchant Services is proud to offer the following amenities to our EDGE business partners:

credit card thin-1.png
equipment green model 2.png

$25 Amazon Gift Card



Complimentary during application process

Wide selection of POS equipment

We offer next day funding on all accounts

Customer Service

We offer

exceptional customer service

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